Educational Materials

CTLD Presentation.pdf


Covers the basics of:

  1. What is consent?

  2. What is human trafficking?

  3. What legislation surrounds human trafficking?

  4. Real-world scenarios called "drills" in which students can apply what they have learned

A Deep Dive: Consent.pdf

A deep Dive into: Consent

Covers in depth:

  1. What is consent?

  2. What is the role of consent in human trafficking?

  3. How can consent be used in everyday life?

A Deep Dive: Human Trafficking.pdf

A deep Dive into: Human Trafficking

Covers in depth:

  1. How has trafficking evolved over time?

  2. How does human trafficking operate in the 21st century?

  3. How can communities resist vulnerability to human trafficking?

A Deep Dive: Legislation.pdf

A deep Dive into: Legislation

Covers in depth:

  1. How does legislation operate?

  2. What legislation is currently in existence?

  3. How can we advocate for legislation?